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How about a little Rocket Raccoon sneak peek? Ongoing series written and drawn by me, colored by my main man Jean Francois Beaulieu. In stores in July.

A little more info on CBR 

I just don’t want Jack Gleeson to leave! He’s my favorite person, one of my favorite people in the whole cast. I can’t even believe he’s leaving. It upsets me too much. Maybe I’ll never see him again! No, I will see him again, of course. Jack Attack. I’ll see him. I’ll invite him to a concert. How can he refuse? His onscreen girlfriend? He has to! [Laughs.] -Sophie Turner [x]

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Season1 - 9

4 episodes into Generation Kill I can say that the show is good, really good. But also super depressing.

But Alexander Skarsgard is still looking hotter than the desert he´s in, which makes everything a lot better xD